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10 March 2020

Coronavirus - Candidate Policy

Due to the continued severity of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we have put together our Coronavirus policy for our candidates. Please...

26 November 2021

Tick Tock: The Importance of Time in ERP Implementations

As I reflect on all of the ERP implementations I've participated in throughout my career, I can't help but notice a correlation...

25 November 2021

Protecting Your ERP System from Cyber-Crime

In this data-driven culture of ours, cyber-crime is all too common and ERP systems are not immune.

23 November 2021

Aligning Your Corporate Culture With Your ERP...

When an ERP implementation fails, it's easy to blame the software, the project manager or the ERP consultants but there are...

22 November 2021

How to Conduct Post ERP Implementation Audits

It's hard enough to successfully complete an implementation, let alone ensure it delivers expected results.

19 November 2021

What Your Project Manager Really Wants for Christmas

To ignore project governance is a very quick way to make your project manager (PM) curl up in a corner and cry and that is...

18 November 2021

The Roles of KPIs in ERP Success

Most ERP implementations cost more than expected, take longer than expected and fail to deliver the business benefits...

17 November 2021

Implementing the Right ERP Software for Global Operations

Even with the wide variety of ERP vendors in the marketplace, we've found that not all ERP software is created equally when it...

15 November 2021

Are You Considering Mobile ERP?

Here are some important things to get the wheels turning as you think about what mobile devices mean for your ERP selection and...