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15 May 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week - Supporting Employees

Here at Hanson Regan we have a proactive approach to the mitigation of stress, and the mental health of our employees. We give...

26 July 2018

Blue Prism World London 2018

At Hanson Regan we champion innovation, and so we're always on the lookout for exciting new ways to maximise efficiency and...

23 August 2019

How to describe yourself in an interview

The job interview is the place where a company gets to know you as a three-dimensional person outside of the two dimensions of...

19 August 2019

The advantages and challenges of remote work

Picture the scene: You're sitting on a sunlounger on a Mediterranean beach, your laptop perched on your legs. You take a quick...

16 August 2019

6 tips for creating (and maintaining) positive...

It's official: Employees who have a best mate at work are more likely to be happy whilst there. Whether you have a desk buddy,...

14 August 2019

3 reasons your DIY CV is holding you back

From putting up a shelf to gluing homemade greetings cards or crafting decorations for a family event, we've all had a go at...

12 August 2019

How to assess a company's culture during your job search

Are you searching for the perfect fit? When you're looking for your next challenge, it's not merely about finding the right...

9 August 2019

4 clever job-hunting tricks to help you get ahead

To get ahead in the job-search game, you've got to nail the basics. Honed your CV? Check. Registered with recruitment agencies?...

7 August 2019

Avoid the CV black hole with these tips

Don't let your CV go unread.