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10 March 2020

Coronavirus - Candidate Policy

Due to the continued severity of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we have put together our Coronavirus policy for our candidates. Please...

19 January 2022

Five Lessons from a Successful ERP Implementation

Below are some of the highlights and lessons shared in the interview

18 January 2022

Accelerating ERP Implementations

Accelerating ERP implementations have been an elusive goal of ERP vendors, implementation partners, and customers.

17 January 2022

Five Things to Remember in Your ERP Implementation Plan

If ERP implementations are so easy, then why does our independent research show that most implementations take much more time...

14 January 2022

Key Reasons Why Only 23% of ERP Implementations Go As...

Only 23% said that it went as expected, with another 12% saying that it went better than expected.

13 January 2022

Five Six Sigma Tools to Help Get More Out of Your ERP...

It is extremely rare to see companies effectively implement both or even just one of these initiatives.

12 January 2022

SAP Implementation Gone Bad: Learning From the Mistakes...

So what is it about SAP and other Tier I ERP implementations that make them so risky and subject to failure?

11 January 2022

Searching for the Silent Killer of ERP Systems

There are many things that can go wrong in an ERP implementation or undermine the effectiveness of existing ERP systems.

10 January 2022

Are ERP Systems as Hard as They Seem?

There are three painful realities that companies often fail to consider when initiating an ERP project.