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22 January 2019

Improving Mental Health In The Workplace

What many of us tend to forget while completing our health assessments is our mental health. Disregarding our mental health may...

12 September 2018

How to Make Your Own Luck at Networking Events

No matter how experienced you are professionally, networking events can be overwhelming. You’re thrown into a room with...

12 September 2018

The Game of Hiring and How it Works

Being a job seeker in today’s market can confusing if you are not familiar with the way the hiring process works and waiting...

12 September 2018

AI-powered predictor beats Las Vegas betting markets in...

A Silicon Valley company has developed an AI-based predictor which, according to a new study, can outperform Las Vegas betting...

12 September 2018

4 Hidden Mistakes Why Your Job Ad Isn’t Working

Job ad not attracting the right candidates? Composing the perfect job advert can be tricky. Some adverts can be; vague,...

12 September 2018

The Intelligent Self-Parking Chairs Every Office Needs

Inspired by its intelligent parking assist technology, Nissan has made self- parking office chairs.

12 September 2018

5 Ways To Prevent A Candidate No-Show In A Job Interview

A candidate no-show for a job interview can be a costly incident. Wasting employer time, money and resources. Something which...

12 September 2018

Humans may Have Sympathy for Robots

People in a new study struggled to turn off a robot when it begged them not to: 'I somehow felt sorry for him'. A new study...

12 September 2018

Questions you should be asking in an interview

When the spotlight is on, it can be easy to let the interviewer do all the questioning – but asking questions yourself can...