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12 September 2018

Humans may Have Sympathy for Robots

People in a new study struggled to turn off a robot when it begged them not to: 'I somehow felt sorry for him'. A new study...

12 September 2018

Questions you should be asking in an interview

When the spotlight is on, it can be easy to let the interviewer do all the questioning – but asking questions yourself can...

12 September 2018

8 myths about AI's effect on the workplace

The interplay between technology and work has always been a hot topic. While technology has typically created more jobs than...

12 September 2018

Interview advice: How to make a great first impression

Over the years we have interviewed many, many different candidates and in that time we have all learnt what makes a good first...

12 September 2018

Bio-Inspired Robots

Scientists are looking to nature to inspire the next generation of robots. Here’s what they’ve come up with.

12 September 2018

Blockchain Voting in Midterm Elections

It’s too dangerous to conduct elections over the internet, they say, and West Virginia’s new plan to put votes on a...

12 September 2018

AI for Your Bicycle

The startup SMINNO is dedicated to developing solutions for everyday mobility that are not just innovative and unconventional...

24 August 2018

How to Handle Job Rejection

Getting rejected from a job opportunity you’re excited about can be detrimental to your confidence in your job search. The...

24 August 2018

10 Ethical Issues Of Artificial Intelligence And Robotics

AI is one of the technologies that could revolutionize the world, some people call it the electricity of the twenty first...