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27 March 2020

Improving AI's ability to identify students who need help

Researchers have designed an artificial intelligence (AI) model that is better able to predict how much students are learning...

25 March 2020

Robot uses artificial intelligence and imaging to draw...

Engineers have created a tabletop device that combines a robot, artificial intelligence and near-infrared and ultrasound...

23 March 2020

Artificial intelligence finds disease-related genes

An artificial neural network can reveal patterns in huge amounts of gene expression data, and discover groups of...

20 March 2020

DeepCode brings AI-powered code review to C and C++

DeepCode uses machine learning to find flaws in Java, javaScript, Python, and now C and C++ code

18 March 2020

Boosting AI's smarts in the absence of training data

Zero-shot learning repurposes knowledge through statistical or semantic approaches without needing huge amounts of fresh...

17 March 2020

Is AI ready to fly solo in your data center?

Server vendors, particularly Oracle, are pushing harder on automated, AI-driven server technologies. Are we ready to take our...

13 March 2020

Artificial intelligence today: What's hype and what's...

Two decades into the AI revolution, deep learning is becoming a standard part of the analytics toolkit. Here's what it means

11 March 2020

Alibaba using machine learning to fight coronavirus with...

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has announced a breakthrough in natural language processing (NLP) through machine learning.

9 March 2020

Top 5 AI trends for 2020

We are all witnessing a staggering growth of AI technology with so many new benefits for people while also changing the way we...