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6 January 2021

4 Enterprise Technology trends to watch in 2021

Here's how these four trends are shaping up to transform business in 2021:

5 January 2021

Why You Need an ERP Project Manager

The ERP Project Team will be responsible for the future operation of the business. The ERP has been selected because you...

4 January 2021

Trends Transforming Enterprise Resource Planning in 2021

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) used to be comparatively slow to change. However, recent technology trends have started an...

21 December 2020

What should your ERP implementation team look like?

Participants claimed delays can occur due to poor planning and unforeseen customizations. To ensure this doesn't happen to you,...

18 December 2020

What Does it Take to Have a Successful ERP Implementation?

Was it on time? Did the system meet our objectives? Was it on budget? Was it within scope? You’ll see that these four...

17 December 2020

3 Important Duties of an ERP Project Manager

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is an expensive tool to buy for your company. However, it is very much worth the...

16 December 2020

8 Technical ERP Project Management Tips

ERP implementations are massive undertakings with notoriously high failure rates. As a project manager, how do you set you and...

15 December 2020

Guide to Effective Project Cost Management

Chances are the company does not have unlimited funds to spend on a whim. For this reason, a budget must be determined to...

14 December 2020

The Benefits of Having a Project Manager

Although some may say paying to hire a project manager is not a cost they want to incur, I will further put 5 of the advantages...