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16 December 2019

It's time to change your cloud operating model

Cloud changes a great deal of things, including how you operate. Here is some basic guidance so you don't run off the rails

13 December 2019

Looking into an intelligent cloud future

Cloud computing is now a great way to make quick progress with enterprise IT. However, a few future developments may catch...

11 December 2019

The Next Level Cloud Computing Trends in 2020

Cloud Computing has set a new benchmark in the IT industry over the years. This decade has seen some mind-boggling and...

9 December 2019

3 cloud security "hacks" to consider today

Keeping your cloud deployments secure is a full-time job. Here are a few shortcuts that make your cloud security better and...

6 December 2019

Simplifying data management in the cloud

Enterprises are bogged down in a sea of data complexity as they expand the use of cloud-native databases. Could...

4 December 2019

Cloud architects who earn $150,000 are likely underpaid

Good cloud architects are hard to come by and often worth their weight in gold. That's why, in some cases, their salary may be...

2 December 2019

What Is Cloud Computing? How Does 'The Cloud' Work?

What is cloud computing? How does it work? The term "cloud" when talking about technology or computing, is not new. In simple...

29 November 2019

How Data Analytics Improve Business Decisions

Data analytics have long been seen as a valuable way for businesses to refine their marketing and improve their communication....

27 November 2019

The Most Common Missed Opportunities With Big Data

Technology's rate of change continues to accelerate, and it seems nearly impossible to keep up with. The same is true of the...