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13 March 2020

Artificial intelligence today: What's hype and what's...

Two decades into the AI revolution, deep learning is becoming a standard part of the analytics toolkit. Here's what it means

11 March 2020

Alibaba using machine learning to fight coronavirus with...

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has announced a breakthrough in natural language processing (NLP) through machine learning.

9 March 2020

Top 5 AI trends for 2020

We are all witnessing a staggering growth of AI technology with so many new benefits for people while also changing the way we...

6 March 2020

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence today is properly known as narrow AI (or weak AI), in that it is designed to perform a narrow task...

4 March 2020

What will our society look like when Artificial...

Will robots become self-aware? Will they have rights? Will they be in charge? Here are five scenarios from our future dominated...

2 March 2020

Five Ways CIOs are Deploying AI

Here are a few interesting videos about the AI deployments of these companies:

28 February 2020

The Deep Learning Dozen

I find it hard sometimes to keep up with the latest deep learning trends, so I made a list of blogs and people to follow....

26 February 2020

14 Incredible women who've reshaped the Data Science /...

Times are changing and have been for a while now. In the world of STEM, women are no longer considered a "bad fit," which is...

24 February 2020

8 Different Job Roles in Data Science / Big Data Industry

In this post, you'll get a quick overview about these exciting positions in the field of analytics. But do remember that...