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9 July 2019

Work Experience with Hanson Regan

Hanson Regan have always been advocates of bringing in students on Work Experience into the business so they can see what the...

8 July 2019

What Is Equality In the Workplace?

Entering the world of work can be a pretty exciting but nerve-wracking time. From writing cover letters to job interviews,...

5 July 2019

Fighting racial prejudice at work must be a top priority

While headlines scream of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, race is poised to become the major issue in the workplace

3 July 2019

Useful lessons learned from LGBT history

Some people question why we celebrate LGBT History Month every February. Although there has been much recent progress in...

1 July 2019

5 Top Issues Fueling Gender Inequality in the Workplace

This month we're celebrating equality, all topics, conversations and content will be surrounding Equality this month! To start...

28 June 2019

5 Rules of Salary Negotiation

Whether it's the fear of being perceived as pushy or feeling uncomfortable about the negotiation process, professionals are...

26 June 2019

5 Ways You're Hurting Your Career Without Realizing It

There are certain behaviours that are bound to make you look bad on the job. Showing up late, for example, is a good way to...

24 June 2019

How to Create a Great Personal Development Plan

As James McDonagh, director of EMEA at Frank Recruitment Group, succinctly puts it, "It,s easy to set vague career goals —...

21 June 2019

6 Things to Do on Your Last Day at Work

On your last day of work, something akin to senioritis sets in: You're so eager for what comes next that you probably aren't...