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22 July 2019

No excuses: 2019 must be the year of gender equality in...

The UK tech industry is booming. It is the third-largest in the world, worth an impressive £186 billion and is growing...

17 July 2019

Nine ways to advance LGBT policy throughout global...

As firms expand rapidly in frontier markets, where LGBT+ inclusion is often not well-institutionalized, global D&I strategies...

15 July 2019

Why we need to solve the issue of gender bias before AI...

Organizations need to pay more attention to the diversity of the teams developing their AI solutions. Doing so will help...

12 July 2019

Will AI bring gender equality closer?

Women must shape or be shaped by innovations in technology. Plus: Brexit will change opportunities for female workforce

9 July 2019

Work Experience with Hanson Regan

Hanson Regan have always been advocates of bringing in students on Work Experience into the business so they can see what the...

8 July 2019

What Is Equality In the Workplace?

Entering the world of work can be a pretty exciting but nerve-wracking time. From writing cover letters to job interviews,...

5 July 2019

Fighting racial prejudice at work must be a top priority

While headlines scream of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, race is poised to become the major issue in the workplace

3 July 2019

Useful lessons learned from LGBT history

Some people question why we celebrate LGBT History Month every February. Although there has been much recent progress in...

1 July 2019

5 Top Issues Fueling Gender Inequality in the Workplace

This month we're celebrating equality, all topics, conversations and content will be surrounding Equality this month! To start...