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29 May 2019

Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

Making the decision to leave a job is not an easy thing to do. The "comfort zone" is named as such for a reason and the idea of...

23 May 2019

The Pros and Cons of Being a Contractor

The marketplace continues to grow and does not seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. With new start-ups popping up...

20 May 2019

Top 5 Tips to Setting up a Limited Company

Setting up a Limited Company can sound like a lot of work from the offset, where do you start? How do I actually do it? You may...

15 May 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week - Supporting Employees

Here at Hanson Regan we have a proactive approach to the mitigation of stress, and the mental health of our employees. We give...

13 May 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week - Staying Well

Mental Health Awareness Week challenges us all to think about how we can take better care of ourselves and others, and stay...

10 May 2019

Top Benefits of Becoming Self-employed in 2019

Although you might be getting carried away with dreams of becoming your own boss, going self-employed requires an unbelievable...

9 May 2019

Congratulations Apprentices!

Today we're celebrating our apprentices who have completed their Level 3 NVQ's and our incentive winners!

7 May 2019

3 Reasons Contractors Need a Specialist Accountant

Every successful contractor needs to get to grips with their finances. If you dream of working for yourself on a full-time...

3 May 2019

Go Contracting? Go Green

How you can help the environment when you're self-employed There's a lot of pressure on individuals nowadays to change their...