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1 May 2019

Top 10 Tips for IT Contractors

When working in IT, it can often be tempting to become your own boss and work as an IT contractor. After all, you've got the...

29 April 2019

How to Get a Job Quickly After a Career Break?

Sometimes we just want to dive straight into the job search and get a job quickly instead of faffing around. Find out how to...

26 April 2019

8 Jobs You Can Do If You Want to Work From Home

Would you absolutely LOVE to work from home? Not sure exactly how to?

24 April 2019

10 (Pretty Odd) Productivity Tips

Puppies in the office? Naked Fridays? Workplace nap-times? Check out this list of 10 amazing ways to boost your productivity.

18 April 2019

5 Details You Won't Get From a Candidate's CV

We constantly waffle on about what to look for in a candidate's CV like keywords, certain experience and spelling mistakes, to...

15 April 2019

Your #1 Priority When Starting A New Job

Starting a new job is tough for everyone (especially worriers). There are thousands of things that are bound to play on your...

15 April 2019

Sunrise up Croagh Patrick 2019

Sunriseupcroaghpatrick is an annual get-together of friends who climb Croagh Patrick or walk nearby, have a super time & raise...

5 April 2019

How to Reject a Job Offer the Right Way

Receiving a job offer is an exciting moment. After all that time tweaking and perfecting your resume, and then keeping track of...

3 April 2019

Be Organized, Thrive at Work

If you're in the midst of navigating the early days of your career or small business, organization can seem like all but an...