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31 July 2018

Most of AI’s Business Uses Will Be in Two Areas

While overall adoption of artificial intelligence remains low among businesses (about 20% upon our last study), senior...

30 July 2018

What’s next for Tech innovation in 2018?

One way that Samsung Electronics works with the technology startup community is through Samsung NEXT – an innovation arm that...

29 July 2018

The Impact on Jobs and Training from AI, AR and VR

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality are here to stay, but what impact will they have on jobs and...

28 July 2018

Built Robotics Self Driving Bulldozer

This is a self driving bulldozer, It's created by Built Robotics and it can dig holes by itself based on the specific location...

27 July 2018

In an AI-powered world, what are potential jobs of the...

With virtual assistants answering our emails and robots replacing humans on manufacturing assembly lines, mass unemployment due...