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6 November 2019

5 Ways Big Data Is Impacting Employee Benefits Packages

Big data has transformed how businesses in various industries process and analyze information in ways that were impossible...

4 November 2019

How Big Data Keeps Businesses Secure

Big data has become almost ubiquitous in the world of business. From supply chain and inventory management to HR processes like...

1 November 2019

What is Big Data and why is it important?

Big data is a combination of structured, semistructured and unstructured data collected by organizations that can be mined for...

30 October 2019

Driverless car or autonomous driving? Tackling the...

Among both traditional carmakers and cutting-edge tech behemoths, there is massive competition to bring autonomous vehicles to...

28 October 2019

How artificial intelligence can fight hate speech in...

With social media users numbering in the billions, all hailing from various backgrounds and bringing diverse moral codes to...

25 October 2019

Machine learning in drug discovery

Artificial intelligence is advancing various industries, including healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. According to...

23 October 2019

How to harness the power of artificial intelligence

To fully leverage the potential of artificial intelligence in business, access to computing power is key. That doesn’t...

21 October 2019

Solving Rubik's Cube with a Robot Hand

OpenAI trained a pair of neural networks to solve the Rubik's Cube with a human-like robot hand. The neural networks are...

18 October 2019

Deep Learning for Manufacturing: Overview and Applications

Let's look at an overview and applications for deep learning for manufacturing.