Built Robotics Self Driving Bulldozer

28 July 2018


This is a self driving bulldozer, It's created by Built Robotics and it can dig holes by itself based on the specific location coordinates you send from the app.

Built Robotics was founded with a question — What will construction look like in a generation? And what solutions can we develop to address a chronic labor shortage, productivity that has fallen by half since the 1960s, and an industry that, despite significant improvements, remains the most dangerous in America? These are tough questions, and it’s impossible to know the answers today. But we kept coming back to one realization: we need a new way to build.

"With that mission in mind, we came up with a simple idea. Let’s take the latest sensors from self-driving cars, retrofit them into proven equipment from the job site, and develop a suite of autonomous software designed specifically for the requirements of construction and earthmoving. And over the last two years, with a team of talented engineers, roboticists, and construction experts, that’s what we’ve done. It hasn’t been easy—in fact, no one has ever done what we’re doing—but with over $100 billion in earthmoving and grading services performed in the US each year, it feels like we’re onto something."

Source: BuiltRobotics

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