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Precise Resourcing | Hanson Regan

Precise Resourcing

Welcome to "Precise Resoucing" from Hanson Regan.

"Precise Resourcing is our prioprietary methodolgy which has enabled our global clients realise Remarkable Projects, supported by the Key People we have supplied to their Enterprise Applications based transformation endeavours."
J. Kelly, Co Founder, Hanson Regan.


So we can get going, and not waste your time, lets make sure we are on the same page.

"Precise Resourcing", provides value to organisations which:

    • Hire Enterprise Applications expertise* on a contingency basis                  check
    • Require Expertise to support European based activities                               check
    • Empower Hiring Managers and Procurment in the resourcing process.  check

If it's three ticks then it would give us great pleasure to invite you to trial "Precise Resourcing" on a free no obligations basis. So you can get to appreciate just how the process works.



* Includes, All contingent skills needed, Business and Technology, supporting best practise in ITSM, 
Development, Client Champions (QA), Governance & Sponsors, and Users. Irrespective of core ERP's or
Bespoke System platforms.