Corporate Social Responsibility

Transparency, good corporate governance and responsible, consistent business practices have always been at the core of the Hanson Regan strategy.

We’re proud to continually expand our activism on, and investment in, the issues that matter to our clients, stakeholders and community.

That’s why Hanson Regan is intent on creating a company culture and delivering experiences and services that speak to a wide range of identities and perspectives. We embrace and nurture our relationships with our clients, partners and employees, encouraging all parties to comply with our responsible and transparent practices.

As a company, and as individuals, we at Hanson Regan engage with our local community on a regular basis, devoting resources toward proactive initiatives that make an impact for our community.

Hanson Regan also invests resources into climate change prevention, mitigation and climate resilience. We understand that to protect our business, supply chains and communities, Hanson Regan must invest in innovative technology, redefine outdated business models, and endorse policies that can address critical climate-related challenges.